India's Elephants 

India's Elephants Trade and Collector's Edition 

Annette Bonnier is a documentary photographer who traveled throughout India over a 3 year period photographing the lives of domesticated and wild elephants. This collection of photographs is a cultural documentation of this complex and majestic animal, with its intelligence, intricate social hierarchy, and highly evolved communication skills, and is caught in a changing world between the past and the future.

2013, published by Books & Books (Miami, USA

Publishing consultants Ausbert de Arcé, Petra Mason, Mitchell Kaplan Text Judith Mason South Africa

Editor and project director Petra Mason (Miami Beach)

Copy editor Elizabeth Smith (New York)
216 pages
Page size 10 x 12 inches
Hard cover, full colour image on front, linen on spine & back
Title gold foiled on front and spine
Full-colour throughout on matte art paper
Binding: thread sewn

Printed in Italy 

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