In the Spirit of Miami Beach

By David Leddick
Photography by Petra Mason & Ethan Winslow

What Venice was to the world at the Renaissance period, so Miami is to the world today. An active melting pot of cultures, where Art Deco rivals with Spanish Baroque, where artists mingle with -athletes, models and socialities, where South Americans and Eastern Europeans sit together for espressos on Ocean Drive. This book explores Miami Beach style, from Lincoln Road to Art Basel Miami. With an in-depth look at its historical past as well as its present-day glamour, In the Spirit of Miami Beach elegantly captures the city’s vibrant personality and cultural jubilance. Portraits of personalities who made Miami Beach’s story, unknown photographs taken from personal archives, and text by the author, entertainer, and bon-vivant David Leddick, bring one of the world’s hottest destinations to colorful life. The book ends with a selection guide on all the hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, spas, which can help readers discover a stylish Miami Beach.David Leddick is the author of several novels as well as several highly regarded art photography books. Leddick was formerly worldwide creative director for L’Oreal and Revlon. He divides his time among homes in Miami Beach, Paris, and Montevideo.

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